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Chag HaSemikhah Convocation

Sunday, June 16, 2024 • 1 p.m.

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Scroll of Honor

Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary looks forward to welcoming more than 150 musmakhim, 
their families and friends to the Chag HaSemikhah. 
 Please join us in celebrating these new rabbis by joining the Scroll of Honor and writing a personalized message to your musmakh. 
All donations will provide scholarship funding to RIETS students. We thank you for your contributions and continued support to RIETS.


Our Dean Emeritus, Rabbi Zevulun Charlop Zt"l, was a pillar of the RIETS community for decades and aided countless talmidim (or, as he would say, "metzuyanim") on their path to becoming rabbanim. As we prepare to celebrate the Chag HaSemikhah, we are privileged to establish the Metzuyanim Fund in his memory to financially support a yearly cohort of promising talmidei chachamim learning in our kollel. Thanks to a generous donor, contributions will be matched up to $1 million! Please consider supporting our rising metzuyanim in order to continue the tradition of excellence and success in learning that Rabbi Charlop embodied. Donations can be made at /MetzuyanimFund

Frequently Asked Questions

The Chag HaSemikhah is the triennial ordination ceremony for rabbis trained at the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary. This celebration of RIETS musmakhim recognizes both the enormous commitment of Torah learning and attention to personal growth demanded of each student, as well as the profound and positive influence they will have on communities around the world in the years to come. This is a rare opportunity to witness the future leadership of our broader Jewish community standing together in one room with their teachers and mentors, their families and their fellow classmates.

Musmakhim should be in touch with the RIETS Office to get tickets. Guests and Families of Musmakhim must be in touch with the Musmakhim to arrange ticket pickup.

The Chag will honor and celebrate the RIETS classes of 5781, 5782 and 5783, as well as the 50th anniversary classes. RIETS will honor Rabbi Chaim Bronstein with the Amud Haapp award and Irwin Shapiro z"l with the Etz Chaim award.

The Chag will be livestreamed at

There will be a light collation following the Chag ceremony.

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